Wood Duck Nest
Box Project


All repairs, of course, are done on this fully-equipped floating workshop. If something is missing, notes are made for the next maintenance season.
The crew waits on Jerry to replace rusted or missing hinges and other hardware, but not without the requisite insider comment or two.
After the new roof is installed, and the requisit clean out, this is one more box ready for another year of service.


And immediately the evaluative process begins again with the next box! Remember there are 50 such boxes to be looked after in the Rainbow Springs Aquatic Preserve!

[Are we having fun yet?]

Another new roof is in order, this one probably the victim of errant human activity judging from the way things look...
One of four retired boxes serves as a workbench for this job, since nothing is ever left behind as trash in the Preserve. Leave only footprints, as that old green saying goes.



At this location the "wasp brigade" must be called upon before any maintenance can be done.
...a whole lot of wasp spray is needed...not only that, but a dense aquatic root system has grown up around the base of the nest box, requiring attention. Its removal will make future maintanance easier and it reduces the likelihood of access to the box by predators.


Indeed, getting entangled in such muck is a pretty regular occurance while servicing these nest boxes, although the day is always saved by having the right tools along to do the job.


This box was installed years ago and has seen its better days; plus it needs to be removed from that live cyprus tree which is not an optimal location for a nest box anyway.


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