Wood Duck Nest
Box Project


YIKES! Watch out for the wasps!
But after a heavy dose of handy wasp spray, the crew is good to go again.


This clean-out required removal of the wasp nest, a refill of bedding and not much else other than a new insect strip for good measure. Those strips do work to keep the inside of the nest relatively pest free!


This next box was replaced last year so it is looking good and only requires normal maintenance without the need for repairs. Note that each box bears reflective numbers to facilitate accurate record-keeping.


Here a brand new box replaces a worn-out one, a fact that is duly noted in Jerry's maintenance records.


Discarded monofilament line and lures are also retrieved whenever possible. These are certain death traps for unsuspecting water fowl and other wildlife in the preserve that happen to become entangled by them.


Every box is evaluated for stability and service-worthiness, and notes are made about approximate replacement dates and future needs.


Abandoned nests are an occasional reality, suggesting that the hen fled a predator of some kind.


Another roof must be removed and replaced.
But never fear! Jerry always brings replacement parts and even whole new nest boxes with him...just in case...along with ladders, PCV pipe, all necessary tools, replacement hardware and screws, a variety of nuts and bolts, new steel support posts, a case of wasp spray, large bags of commercial bedding, work gloves...oh, and not to mention a great sense of humor!


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