Wood Duck Nest
Box Project


The start of the two-day maintence project...


Water damage rendered this nest box topless and bottomless, and in need of extensive repairs.


Each box has to be approached carefully, as there may be snakes, wasps, spiders or other unexpected visitors to be dealt with.
This one is typical: it needs a good cleanout, new bedding, a new anti-insect strip...and probably a new roof next season. The crew will keep an eye on it.


The nest boxes are all in shallow water adjacent to the river banks or in otherwise remote locations, making it tricky to approach and exit.


Nest box guru, Jerry Rogers, keeps his records up-to-date as each nest box is surveyed, and replenished or repaired (or replaced) as needed.


This box is in pretty decent shape, needing only a good clean-out, a new insect-strip stapled into the underside of the roof, and the usual pail of fresh bedding.
And, while they are there, a little judicious trimming of the surrounding Spanish Moss is in order - to prevent it from engulfing the nest box if left for another year


Some nest boxes require labor-intensive maneuvering just to get to them by the pontoon boat.


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