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Find your iPhone/iPAD serial number

Click on the SETTINGS button and, when it opens, scroll down to GENERAL. And look down the right-hand column until you see "Serial Number." Write it down for safe-keeping.


Find your Mac's serial number

Go to the black APPLE logo at the extreme top left of your monitor. Scroll down to ABOUT THIS MAC (first item in list). In the box that comes up, select SYSTEM REPORT button. You will find your mac's serial number under HARDWARE OVERVIEW. Keep it handy, you will need it for various things. Write it down for safe-keeping.


Not sure if you have AppleCare, or when it expires?

Click on this link to Apple's Warranty page:
Enter your device's Serial Number and also re-type the CODE that tell's APPLE you are a real person and not a robot. A page will immediately pop up that you can print and save, which confirms you have AppleCare and when it expires.


How to completely power down your iPad

To force your iPAD to quit, such as when you know you are not going to be using for an extended period of time or if it seems to be malfunctioning in some way. Press and hold down the SLEEP/WAKE button for a few seconds until a slider button appears at the top of your screen, and then release. Slide to power off.


How to force restart your iPhone
With pre-7 iphones, hold down the HOME and ON/OFF buttons at the same time until a red slider appears at the top of a dark screen. Slide it to off. With a 7 or 7 Plus iphone or later models, hold down the POWER/LOCK key on the right side of the phone for at least 10 seconds. While still holding it down, press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button on the left side of the phone. Keep holding down the two keys until the display first goes dark, and then the Apple logo appears as it is rebooting. See this video:


Power-down your device routinely

Power-down your Apple devices once a week or so, and leave off for a few minutes. This keeps its software running smoothly. It also will often fix random glitches.


How to quit all open apps on your iPAD or iPhone

Double-click the HOME button and quit all open apps by touching each app icon one at a time and swiping to the top of the screen. This works for both the iPAD and iPhone.


BACKUP your iPAD and/or iPhone to the Cloud by first plugging each device into electricity...

Then go to SETTINGS and tap your NAME at the very top of the settings page. A new page opens. Scroll down and tap "iCloud." Then scroll down again when that page opens and tap "iCloud Backup." Make sure it is set to ON. If need be, toggle its button to ON (it will turn green), and then tap "Back Up Now." Under "Back Up Now" an alert will tell you when the last successful backup occured. Be sure to let the backup complete before exiting this page.
(This is good to do routinely!)


How to treat your battery

Yes, let your iPAD, iPhone or laptop battery run down to 5% or less, then plug back in to fully charge. This helps keep the battery optimized. You can use your device when it is plugged in and recharging, and it will NOT hurt the battery to let it run down totally (0%). In fact, too many people keep topping off their batteries which, over time, degrades the battery.

The same is true for a laptop battery. Never keep it constantly plugged into electricity. Recharge it fully, unplug it from electricity and use until the battery charge drops to 5% or less, then recharge. Like any Apple device, you can continue to use it while it is plugged in and charging.


Cleaning your device screen

Use a good quality liquid LENS CLEANER (carefully) and a soft cloth to clean your device screens. Avoid using kleenix, paper towels, etc.


Set up FIND MY PHONE on your mobile devices

On the iPhone tap Settings, tap your Name at top of the settings page, tap iCloud, and then scroll down to FIND MY iPHONE. Click on. Repeat these steps for each mobile device: it will show FIND MY iPAD instead, or FIND MY MAC instead. Then if your device ever goes missing, you can FIND MY PHONE to help you get it back. Bookmark this HOW TO link in case you ever need it to find a lost device.


Tips for using your device camera

Enjoy these helpful "HOW TO" videos from Apple


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