Apple Help
for Baby Boomers Plus

Personal Assistance with Macs, iPhones,
iPads, & General Apple User Needs

in Beaufort County, SC


Family Expert, Educator, Photojournalist, World Traveler, Nature Photographer, and Mac Guru who has long used Apple products in all her professional pursuits

It is one thing to buy an Apple product, but Dr. Ellen knows it is sometimes quite another thing to find help with those products when you need it.

She offers HOUSE CALLS (*restricted to Beaufort County, SC locals) and TELEPHONE CONSULTS in some cases for older folks who love and use Apple devices.

She can help with:
1- operating system updates
2- backing up your device data to iCloud
3- setting up system preferences
4- troubleshooting Apple mail issues
5- using an Apple device camera
6- working with digital photos, and
answering many other pressing user questions you may have.

Need to pair a new wireless keyboard to your desktop Mac? Need to troubleshoot Internet access? Need to set up a TIME MACHINE backup? Need help with printing issues? Need help selecting & installing anti-virus and other software?


Find out more about Dr. Ellen HERE...

1 (843) 258-9288

FEE $60/hr
Exclusive for Beaufort County, SC House Calls
for Boomers Plus
-- Debit/Credit Cards accepted

FEE $45/hr
for Telephone-Only Consults for Boomers Plus
in Continental U.S.
-- Debit/Credit Cards accepted


Personal References

Dr. Ellen is also available for teaching photography classes at Beaufort County Retirement Centers, or giving talks about her travel and extensive photography work and experiences around the world.

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