Personal Assistance with Macs, iPhones,
iPads, & General Apple User Needs



Bowen Family Expert, Experienced Public Speaker and Educator, Photojournalist, World Traveler, Professional Nikon Photographer, and Mac Guru who has long used Apple products in all her professional pursuits

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It is one thing to buy an Apple product, but Dr. Ellen knows it is sometimes quite another thing to find help with those products when you need it.

She offers HOUSE CALLS (for older residents of the greater Beaufort, SC area) and TELEPHONE CONSULTS anywhere for older folks who love and use Apple computers and devices.

Dr. Ellen can help with many things including:
- operating system updates
- backing up your device data to iCloud
- setting optimal system preferences
- troubleshooting Apple mail issues
- troubleshooting general application issues
- learning how to free up memory on your iPad/iPhone
- using Apple's iPhone/iPad camera
- working with digital photos from Apple devices,
- managing iMac desktop applications and issues,
- upgrading great older Macbooks, and
- answering many other pressing user questions you have

It never hurts to ask!


FEE $60/hr
For Apple Help HOUSE CALLS in the greater Beaufort, SC area

Debit/Credit Cards accepted

FEE $45/hr
For Apple Help TELEPHONE CONSULTS anywhere

Debit/Credit Cards accepted

CALL MOBILE #352-533-0936

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Dr. Ellen is also available for pro bono "HOW TO" photography seminars for Beaufort area retirement centers and retirement groups, or for speaking about her extensive photojournalism projects around the world.

In addition, she is a long-time family therapist, public speaker and educator on the wide-ranging issues that confront American families. She is happy to speak with interested retirement groups about these kinds of things, too.

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